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YTK is an innovative and progressive company providing most advanced Radio Remote Control Solutions for cranes and other construction machinery, Electric Chain Hoists for lifting goods and Safety Solutions for your cranes.
Our strategy to sell “Solutions” rather than “Products” has given us the edge among the rest. Over and above, the effective after sales service is our major strength that captures the very hearts of our esteemed customers that keeps us distinctive from the general traders. Our expertise ranges from Radio Remote Controls, Electric Chain Hoists, Cranes Safety Solutions, Power Conductor Systems and other industrial products. With a strong network of trained resellers, the company excels in sales and after sales service of its products. YTK is specialized in safety radio remote controls. Our manufacturing facilities and our sales representatives in over 45 countries provide maximum knowledge and support for our customers. We’re confident that our innovative products will increase the safety and efficiency of your machines.
address:Room 501, Hongyue International, Chaoyang Street, Jingxiu District, Baoding City, Hebei Province
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